"Being handicapped I thought there were things I could not do but Charles taught me differently. I'm a much healthier person with a firmer body. I have a much greater range of motion since starting Pilates with Charles. I've lost inches and have the energy, strength and stamina of a much younger person.

Charles is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to look and feel better. He makes the workouts fun and enjoyable." 
    --Cyndy B.
Everyone dreams of having a good looking body. Pilates is for everyone. It doesn't matter what fitness level you are. The exercises are organized to fit the needs of every individual for all fitness levels.
Introduction to Pilates

To evaluate your needs, a private 50- minute session will include a fitness evaluation and consultation to address your personal fitness goals. You will be introduced to some basic exercises and the equipment used.

Sessions 1-5: Integration of proper breathing, establish proper technique and create awareness of  core muscles. (Additional introductory sessions may be recommended based on your skill level.)

Training Options

pilatesPrivate Sessions (50-55 min)
    Ideal for individual attention for those
    with specific goal or needs.
    By appointment

pilatesSemi-Private Sessions (50-55 min)
    You will work with 1 or more other
    clients under close supervision of the
    These sessions are for those who
    have completed the Introduction to
    Pilates and are familar with the basic
    By appointment
Pilates is for Everyone

Pilates benefits people at all fitness levels. The exercises are organized for all fitness levels with a certified and experienced instructor, to fit the needs of every individual.

Health Benefits of Pilates

pilatesEngage the mind and enhance body awareness
pilatesBuild core abdominal and lower back strength
pilatesElongate and tone muscles without adding bulk
pilatesImprove coordination and balance
pilatesFlatten and firming abdominal area
pilatesRelief of backpain and joint stress
pilatesEnhance athletic performance
    (golf, tennis, dance, etc.)
pilatesImprove overall appearance and posture
pilatesReduced stress and promote relaxation